Ship Life… Welcomes YOU!

As told by those still living the dream or who met their life partners at sea and are now happily settled on land.     Created for the newby seafarer, Ship Life… aims to give a balanced account of life at sea and encourage a more confident, prepared and happier seafarer to live their dream.

Hailed by existing crew members as “interesting, insightful and informative, a must read before committing to ship life”  ” Seeing it as a final product was awesome, I was so intrigued by it all and better than I expected, I couldn’t put it down!  Reading what other people thought was very interesting I love all the research you have put in, the variety of both cargo and Cruise ships and the different departments intrigued me, having a captain was awesome. Great work Michelle. You have such a great thing here and very useful. I have a very very good feeling about it. Thank you for sharing it with me.”   T, Australia (crew member)

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