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5.0 out of 5 stars     May 9, 2014                                                         
By Martin Smith  Format:Paperback

“A very thorough and practical, readable guide for anybody thinking about a life on luxury cruise liner’s.  Well researched and first hand nitty gritty accounts of an exciting job at sea.  I have previously thought about spending some time traveling but all the other guide books and websites I have seen ask you for loads of money to reveal some type of secret way into the industry, not so with Michelle’s book.  Easily the best book about ship life on the market.  

5.0 out of 5 stars     August 6, 2013   working on cruise ships  
By Cruiser4Life  Format:Kindle Edition                                                       
“This book is compiled of REAL stories. The crew interviewed are from a broad range of departments. pick the jobs you like or learn about a job you didnt think about. Very Helpful and has an Easy Conversational tone. Anyone who might consider working at sea NEEDS to read this book!”
5.0 out of 5 stars     July 20, 2013   Ship Life is for all interested in ocean travel
By Willie K. Friar  Format:Kindle Edition                                                      
“I have completed 112 cruises lecturing on ships and was the Public Affairs Director for the Panama Canal. I feel that I am very knowledgeable about all types of vessels and their employees. However, this author has augmented my knowledge greatly. She has provided detailed information about life aboard cruise and cargo ships by having the members of the crew provide this information in their own words. This book is for anyone who seeks a career at sea. It is also for first time and experienced cruisers who want to learn more about the people that provide all of those services that they enjoy so much. It is divided into segments so it is easy to pick up and read certain sections and go back and dip in again later which makes it ideal for vacation reading.”You will probably be surprised at the way working on ships has changed the lives of these employees in many ways.

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Come join the ‘ship life’ community and check out our ‘Praise’ page for more reviews or check out Michelle’s TV appearance on ‘Cruising with the Stars’, recorded May 2012, courtesy of Debi Jones, Richard Cross and the team at Holiday & Cruise Channel – 284.  Where Michelle talks about her experiences as a DJ and how she came to be an author.



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